Vandal Vase 2022 Alchemical Prague

Each vase in the VANDALVASE collection represents a different story, but they are all about the meeting of art, architecture, fauna, flora, and urban calligraphy ( as I call graffiti).

Each year a few pieces of these vases are created, each representing my fascination with life and referencing a different phase of life. I often inscribe the decor with my own worlds and fantasies I have about different places. I can work on one vase for several years, as the vase has to mature into its decor. I literally seep into the vase, you are buying a piece of my personality with the vase. I only create when I am happy.

"Prague was not only magical during the time of Rudolf II, Prague is magical now. The secrets are only hidden under the layer of advertising and tourists. For the eyes often do not see..."

Hand-blown glass in a wooden mould. Hand painting with glass paints, gold, high enamel.


Art, architecture, flora and urban calligraphy meet. Hand blown and hand painted glass.


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