Vandal Object 2018

I painted a woman's head, which appears on the facade of a Prague house in Žižkov, with glass paints and added a spray-painted medallion.

In Žižkov I was attracted by the beautiful still life on the façade, the tag next to the beautiful stucco face. I included the tag as part of the decor, but only transferred its beauty to the vase as GPS coordinates. So you can look it up on google maps and imagine for yourself how the decor would look with it.

You won't see the tag on the maps until they update the street record. The facade of the house is currently being repainted, so the tags have disappeared. So for now, it still remains in the virtual world... The vase is a capture of the sometimes short life of the tags, while also referencing the constant updating of the public space.

The shape of the vase, which does not stand on its own and thus needs its own stand, is based on the shapes of vases and vessels found in the streets of Prague.

The vase is currently in @virvaronline

Photo: Anna Pleslová

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