The labyrinth of the world and the paradise of the heart

A personal confession as a glass collage/shelf on a vase.

The labyrinth of the world is a journey through life, it is the world around us that beckons, deceives and tests us and we try to find our heart's paradise in this vast array of possibilities. The paradise of the heart is when you enjoy life, are happy, honest with yourself and feel love for yourself, which you can then give to others.

The labyrinth of the world in my work can be found in the shapes of the individual glass panes, which are based on the silhouettes of the Prachov rocks where I come from, also based on the shapes of the shells I collected as a child and continue to collect, or the markings of trees. Neon represents my longing for the big city and my hunger for nightlife. The colour scheme refers to my childhood lived in the 90s and at the turn of the millennium. Silk and brocade represent the material wealth that beckons us and leads us astray, but also again refers to my childhood lived, thanks to my grandmother, amongst fabrics and the sounds of the sewing machine.

The vase is deliberately placed in an uncluttered mass of visual stimuli, as no paradise of the heart is apparent at first glance. We must each find our own paradise of the heart in the great labyrinth of the world.

Technology: flat glass sprayed with glass firing paints, neon, brocade, silk, photography.

There are only three variations of this work.


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