Prague Jungle Vases 2021

My work with glass is based on my long-term interest in Prague architecture, public space, nightlife, pop culture, street art, kitsch, Czech surrealism, and magical Prague. Why Prague? As indicated, I am fascinated by Prague’s history, architectural diversity, contrasts and inconsistency of artistic styles. Buildings‘ structures, the peeling and the fallen plaster also have a strong effect on me. I am also inspired by bizarre situations, visual peculiarities based on chance, inscriptions and graffiti. I am also fascinated by the opposite moments when the nature meets the city and „beauty with ugliness“. Even sounds and vibrations complete the unique character of the city. I also study nightlife in Prague, where lights and neons wake up and the city has even more magical atmosphere. I live in my own Prague, where local legends and rumors become a reality. I absorb all visual and sound stimuli, and then transform them into a glass form. Prague Jungle Vases are objects that transcend the boundaries of a mere decorative object. They are an authentic statement and a reflection of the combination of my feelings from life and pulsating energy in Prague.



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