Archivases 3

Archivases 3

The limited edition of vases from Karlovy Vary is a loose continuation of the original Archivases collection. They are inspired by the facades of Prague houses. Details such as hanging wires, cameras placed next to decorative stucco, graffiti, lights and advertisements have been transformed by the artist into sculptural or painted decors that reflect the intermingling of history and today, but also the tension between them. "The contemporary scenes on the vases are only painted anymore because I feel that all other materials are superfluous to my message. I'd like people to recognise elements from architecture in it, and make them more independently perceive the details on the facades and question their meaning. The facades of urban buildings often tell stories about their owner.

When Elle approached me to lend them my red vases for the new ELLE Beauty Lounge RED at the Thermal Hotel, I didn't have any more with me. I said I would make brand new vases, inspired by Karlovy Vary. I took a trip there with my camera and spent the day just taking pictures of the facades of the local houses. Then I chose three elements from three different facades and painted them on the vases. I chose elements that simply caught my eye," she explains the origin of the three original decorations on the bodies of the red vases.

Vase No. 3 City Savings Bank - Sparkasse is decorated with a frog with a torch, just like the Art Nouveau facade of the former City Savings Bank. There, frogs guard the entrance. "It's a given that they were placed on the savings bank, frogs protect you and attract money, Asian culture has known this for a long time. My favourite of the vases," says Dominika Petrtýlová about her creations.

All three glass vases have the same rounded shape and size. The striking red glass makes them an unmissable element of the interior with a high gloss that attracts attention. The imaginative shape gives a stable impression, so there is no need to be afraid of large and expressive flowers. At the same time, the vases are not unnecessarily massive. They look great in the studio, at the reception and as an addition to a modern home.


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