1/3 Prague Jungle Vase

I worked on this vase for six months. It's got not only paint on it, but my six months. It's had ten firings, that's about 15 days in the kiln. Since the client didn't give me a deadline, I was able to think about the vase and make changes as I wanted. I agonized and experimented until I felt it might finally be the one. 🌺🧡🦜

This is a vase from the Prague Jungle Vase collection, or rather 1/3 of it :)

Swift, the king of the Prague sky💙 He has a special meaning for me. His whistle calms me down. When I hear it for the first time after arriving, it fills me with happiness, it brings summer with it. When the sky falls silent, I feel sad, it heralds autumn, darkness and cold.



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