Lollypop vase

Vitra showroom

I set the table for two months with my collection of Lollypop vases and spruced up the iconic showroom of my favourite brand, which is otherwise subject to strict and clear rules set by their headquarters in Switzerland.

The honour of exhibiting Lollypop here was all the greater for me because the brand and my vases, which met in Prague, are also linked by the same place of origin, Basel, Switzerland. While Vitra and its architects have helped shape the modern face of the city over the past half century or more, my Lollypop came from the dreamy inspiration I had just picked up while wandering Basel.

I would like to thank both the Vitra brand and Barbora Švehlová, who approached me for the project. And thanks also go to my photographer Anna Pleslová for capturing the perfect editorial, and to the Czech Design Week festival for their support in the creation of the Lollypop collection.

Thank you:

@vitra ❤️‍🔥

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