Vandal Vase 2024 Uranium May&Máj💚

Each vase in the VANDALVASE collection represents a different story, but they are all about the meeting of art, architecture, fauna, flora, and urban calligraphy ( as I call graffiti).

Each year a few pieces of these vases are created, each representing my fascination with life and referencing a different phase of life. I often inscribe the decor with my own worlds and fantasies I have about different places. I can work on one vase for several years, as the vase has to mature into its decor. I literally seep into the vase, you are buying a piece of my personality with the vase. I only create when I am happy.

May is an absolutely magical time for me. Rise, strength, love, fresh green. It's the inflated energy before the explosion. And the nights? The power.
This vase is a reminder of May trips to the May Lookout. Green lizard, forget-me-nots, forest, lichen, Vltava, man. I could go on for a long time about what each scene means to me. Here I would probably only reveal a few things: childlike enthusiasm, astonishment, failed date, successful date, disgust, tenderness, amazement. It's all there.

Photo: Anna Pleslová



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